I Write…

Thank you to the new follows and likes. Thank you for joining me on this journey (The Journey Begins)

I have a Love of Writing and reading.

I try to practice the discipline of hand writing every day on a notebook. I share some of my writings on this Blog. My blog is not like FB or IG where I share “daily” happenings.

Some reasons why I write:

I enjoy it; it brings clarity to my thoughts; it preserves “the story”; it tells “a story”.

Lately, it’s a way of “emptying” my cluttered brain. Writing somehow helps me make sense (to some degree) of the jumbled up messes in my heart and mind. Sometimes writing gives me peace.  It’s almost as if putting the words on paper, is a physical action that helps me to “let go”.

And so the journey continues, sometimes writing from the past, sometimes writing from the present. No rhyme or reason, simply “writing to heal, healing to write”.


Author: readypen8

Writing to heal, healing to write.

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