Love of Writing

Writing is something I have always loved to do. As far as I can remember, the love of pen and paper in all it’s flow and permanence. I remember I wanted to be a teacher when I “grew up”.  A desk, books, pen and paper drew me in like a magnet. In a perfect world the “happily ever afters” and the “fulfilled” goals and dreams are subjects movies are famous for. I don’t think you can have a best seller without a happy ending…or can you? I guess it depends on the story.

Back to my reality…

Once upon a time I wrote what I thought was an honest and open letter. I felt that by writing my thoughts it would make it easier to express myself. Lets just say that the outcome was far from what I envisioned. The content and purpose of said letter was twisted and skewed. “It” became a weapon and further muzzled and destroyed “my voice”.

Walking in the valley of the shadow of death, somehow, is helping me find “my voice”. A deep mystery I have yet to understand.  And, so the journey continues…one step at a time.

“There is no greater agony then bearing an untold story inside you.” ~Maya Angelou

Author: readypen8

Writing to heal, healing to write.

5 thoughts on “Love of Writing”

  1. You are the MIGHTY instrument that moves that pen/your fingers/that type and pour words that will reveal your journey. An honor, it is.. to peek inside the untold story of all of you!


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